Congratulations to all those who competed in our annual Club Champions Week playdowns which culminated in Club Champs Night March 31 where teams battle to win the title of "Club Champs".  It was a great evening of curling and a wonderful meal provided by Grrrumpy's for all the curlers and the spectators.  Here is a complete list of the winners along with their photos

Bantams Club Champs 2017 300 PX

Bantams Club Champs - Edmunds Team
Kayla Edmunds, Keenan Champagne, Ryan Harder, Madeline Griffith

Womens Club Champs 2017 300PX

Ladies Club Champs - M. Rebeck Team (Business Girls)
Marion Versluis, Amanda Moniz, Jennifer Doerksen, Lana Obach, Mary Rebeck

Mens Club Champs 2017 300 px

Mens Club Champs - Watling team (Tuesday)
Kristy Watling, Ashley Groff, Jenny Greig, Ray Tanner

Mixed Club Champs 2017 300

Mixed Club Champs - Cripps Team (Wednesday)
Sean Cripps, Tricia Penner, Ron Mathwig, Michelle Hykawy

Seniors Club Champs 2017 300px

ESP/Transcona Seniors Club Champs - Spitzke Team (Friday)
Eric Spitzke, Clayton Gording, Larry Lefko, Gary Snowden

Masters Club Champs 2017 300 px

Masters Club Champs - Schurko Team
Dale Dielschneider, Bill Jonasson, Stuart McFadyen, Ray Straker.

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